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What Does the Honey Badger Say – Part I

by Jeff Howland

Our video guy, Lucas McNelly, has been busy taking hours of #honeybadger footage and compiling them into short pieces that highlight our team and give you insight into the inner workings of Dream Local Digital. If that wasn’t enough, he’s planning to do this for you too. It is only fitting then, that you get to look at his video first, right?

We’ve recently launched video services (yes, you can get the special rates for a couple more weeks), to help our clients build out their online presence, bring a new dynamic to their social media channels, and ultimately to boost traffic, both online and at the register.

See, video is kind of a big deal. It is hot and appears to be getting hotter. Remember Gangnam Style, remember Wrecking Ball, remember Felix Baumgartner? Those are just the first three that popped into my head. There are so many other videos that, in other times would not have seen anything like the response they’ve seen with social media. No, your business doesn’t have a Red Bull budget, however, as Lucas talks about here, you don’t need it.

Images and video continue to take over social media, and businesses that can pull off a good video, help their chances of being seen and talked about. It’s compelling content that can be used and reused over the long-term to help highlight your story. A good business video adds credibility and gives fans the “behind the scenes” story that helps build loyalty and earn new customers. Oh, and it helps your business rank higher on Google and increase your online conversion rates by up to 80%.

Watch Lucas below, then e-mail him to see what he’s got up his sleeve for you!

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