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What Is Your Story? Russell Brunson’s “Hook, Story, Offer”

Every company has a story. We’re not talking about your personal story here or when you founded the company. We’re talking about your brand story — the compelling story curated to build trust and brand recognition.

We’ve previously covered the hook and offer from Russell Brunson. Today, we will cover the story aspect to complete the “Hook, Story, Offer” (HSO) framework.

When everyone internally is on the same page, it’s much easier to ensure potential customers are all getting the same info and experience. How do you create this compelling company story? What do you need to include in your company story to build trust? Let’s find out.

How To Write a Compelling Customer Story

The story should be personal and relatable. It should connect emotionally with your audience and create a bond. Your story can humanize your brand and establish a sense of trust with your audience. Convince your audience that you understand what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Russell Brunson provides this structure for a great story:

  1. Backstory – focuses on who, what, and why
  2. Desire – what do you want?
  3. Wall – challenges and roadblocks
  4. Epiphany – dramatic realization of solution
  5. Plan – strategy to overcome challenges
  6. Conflict – new challenges encountered during the process
  7. Achievement – success you achieved
  8. Transformation – results garnered 

What Is Our Company Personality?

This question identifies the persona your company adopts to connect with your target customer. Your company personality will be based on your values, experience, goals and voice.

Consider these questions. The answers will inform your tone of voice, vocabulary choice, and writing style.

  1. What does the company’s leader(s) value?
  2. What do the employees value?
  3. How do we want the company to be perceived?
  4. What experience/feeling do we want to leave customers with?
  5. Who is our target audience? What do they value?

What Is the Key takeaway?

Before you get into the nitty gritty, define the takeaway. What do you want your customers leaving with after reading your story? What is the most important thing your customers need to hear/remember? 

Why Do We Do What We Do?

What drives your leaders and employees to provide this service or product? What are your motivations? These questions can include steps 1-4 of Russell Brunson’s story structure. Some of the steps can overlap, so don’t feel you must include every step in a specific order. That being said, make sure the story flows well and makes sense.

This aspect infuses your story with emotion. Tap into the feelings of joy, frustration, fear, or inspiration that were present throughout your journey. Emotions make stories memorable and resonate deeply with your audience. 

Create an emotional bond with your audience, differentiate yourself from competitors, and ultimately drive them to take action.

What Problems Do We Solve?

So, why should your customers care? Because you solve a big problem for them. Describe that problem. Write down the problems, challenges and frustration you resolve for customers. Try to use the vocabulary they would use when describing these problems. This section could cover steps 4-8 in Russell Brunson’s story structure. 

Is Our Story Simple and Concise? 

Simplicity is vital in marketing messaging. You are competing against your readers’ limited attention span as well as your competitors.

Review your company story and ask the following:

  1. Does anything seem awkward or forced? Include relevant details, but don’t go on a long-winded tale that can bore the reader. Include details the reader will care about.
  2. Is there any information that is unnecessary/unhelpful?
  3. Can I reword anything to shorten the message?
  4. Have I chosen the right words? Word choice improves your tone, readability and communication.
  5. Is there any technical information in the story that my customer may not be familiar with? How can I simplify this, or should I remove it?

A great way to get feedback on the simplicity of your story is to get a fresh pair of eyes to review it. Have someone in your marketing team read over the story and pose questions or provide feedback. 

Example Company Story

Let’s take what we have learned and craft a compelling company story. For this example, let’s create a story for a real estate company in the United States that works primarily with first-time homebuyers.

  • Brand persona: Experienced homebuyers who have learned the ropes; friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable and capable. We want customers to feel supported and confident to begin their homebuying journey. We want customers to feel like we are their partner, and together we can overcome any hurdle or challenge that comes up. Target audience is ages 25-35 within the U.S., typically newlyweds or married for 10 years or less. Credit score between 600-750 looking to qualify for a mortgage of $250,000-$450,000.
  • Takeaway: We understand the challenges you will face when buying your first home and we will help you overcome them to acquire your dream home.
  • Why: Because we felt your pain when we bought our first home and we know with an experienced guide, you will avoid expensive mistakes and frustrating obstacles.
  • Problem we solve: We help you qualify for your first mortgage; get access to houses you would be interested in; save you time, money and hassle; and we do the legwork!

“We understand that overwhelming mix of excitement and anxiety you feel as a first-time homebuyer. Our experienced team has been in your shoes, and we know the challenges you face. From qualifying for your first mortgage to submitting an offer – our team has been there and experienced the process firsthand.

We’ll listen to your needs, aspirations, and concerns to find the perfect home that aligns with your budget. With our extensive network and market knowledge, we’ll uncover hidden opportunities and guide you through negotiations and paperwork. We help you avoid costly mistakes and simplify the process.

At [Company Name], we believe in more than just selling houses; we’re passionate about helping you create a sanctuary you can truly call home. Let us be your trusted partner on this transformative journey toward homeownership. Together, we’ll find the home of your dreams.”

After some review and adjusting, this company story will build trust and understanding with its target customers. 

To craft your company story, consider partnering with a trusted marketing agency. Dream Local Digital works with businesses throughout the United States to attract more leads and improve conversion rates. Our marketing experts build trust with your customers with compelling storytelling. Let’s build your company story.

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