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What’s Up With X (Formerly Twitter)? Insights for Digital Marketing Pros

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. One significant shift in the social media landscape that has raised eyebrows is the transformation of Twitter into X. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this change, its potential impact on the digital marketing sphere, and X’s exciting new features.

Why Twitter to X?

Twitter recently underwent a major rebranding, changing its name to X. But why the sudden name change? The move is part of a broader strategy to reposition the platform, focusing on innovation and expanding its offerings. Elon Musk’s involvement with the company has played a significant role in this transformation, as he envisions X as more than just a microblogging platform.

Is X here to stay?

Many have wondered if this name change is a temporary rebranding stunt or a permanent shift in identity. Although Musk announced X as an “interim” logo at the time of its launch, according to reports, the change to X is here to stay. X now redirects to, indicating a structural shift in the platform’s identity.

Challenges in keeping it X

One challenge X faces is possible scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over missing ad labels. Some ads have been observed popping up in stream without clearly being labeled as an ad or paid sponsorship. This clearly violated FTC requirements and could become  a frustrating challenge to digital marketers and businesses actively using the platform.

A second issue is with X’s ad delivery, where X subscribers are not observing any ads in their feeds. This points to potentially unaddressed issues with how participating users in the ad revenue share program are being compensated. “Sorry, this should be more stable over time,” Musk explained. “Revenue share is still very much beta code.”

As digital marketing professionals, it’s essential to monitor these issues since they may impact how future ads are labeled and regulated on the platform.

New Features

Let’s cover what X brings to the table :

  • Job Listing Feature: Certain verified organizations have posted job listings using their X profile. While an official “job postings” feature has not been announced, the job posting seen on X may indicate this feature is in the works.

  • Verified Creators Gathering Follower Emails: X is set to introduce a game-changing feature allowing verified creators to gather follower emails. This feature can be a goldmine for digital marketers, enabling them to build more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

  • Video Calling: X will soon allow users to video call. CEO Linda Yaccarino states this new feature aligns with X’s goal of becoming an “everything app.”

  • Expanded Bio Section: X is testing expanded profile bio sections, providing more space for users to provide context about themselves or their businesses. This expanded bio section can be valuable for crafting compelling brand stories and messages. It could also be expanded to include location, shops, job listings, and more.

  • “Relaxed” Ad Setting: X is set to add a feature that allows marketers to curate the content their ad is shown around. Marketers can ensure their ad is not shown adjacent to profanity, drugs, spam or excessive sexual content.

  • No Link Preview Headlines or Text: X is changing how link previews are presented in the stream. This change could impact how marketers design and format their posts on the platform. It’s essential to adapt to these alterations to maintain the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. 

The shift from Twitter to X is a significant change in the social media landscape, with potential benefits and challenges for marketers, business owners and agency professionals. As X continues to evolve, digital marketing professionals should closely monitor these developments and adapt their strategies accordingly.

It is likely X will soon come under scrutiny by the FTC. X could come out even better and provide stable ad features for businesses and marketers. Follow these developments to ensure you have a well-informed X marketing strategy.

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