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Digital Marketing for Home Service Companies Includes These 5 Keys to Success


Generating consistent leads is difficult for any business. Home services businesses need to use effective strategies during the holiday season to find new leads or reignite old ones. 

How can a home services business succeed in generating and managing its leads? These tips effectively generate leads whether your business is HVAC, plumbing, solar, roofing, windows or another type of home services business. 

1. Use Paid Ad Campaigns

Paid ads are a great way to get your products or services in front of the right person. Using paid ads, a business can target a specific type of individual. Tailor your ads to display in your local area if you only service a particular town or state. 

Paid social media marketing and pay-per-click are two examples of paid ads. These ads take 10-30 minutes to set up and can be customizable to your business brand. You could run ads on Google, Facebook, or another channel. 

During the holidays, consider a holiday-themed display ad. Check out this blog, Lead Generation Strategies For Your Home Services Business to learn other lead generation strategies.

Housecall Pro currently has a paid ad on Google. Their website appears as the first result when users search “home services company.”

  2. Contact Previous Customers

Communicating with individuals who have already bought from you can boost sales, especially during the holidays. 

Staying in touch with past customers doesn’t have to be tedious. Keep a catalog of previous purchases and customer information and send regular reminders, promotions and notifications to consumers. Send a holiday email or text greeting. SMS marketing can be a simple yet effective way to remind customers you exit and stay top of mind. 

If you do not have a catalog or list of previous customers, you can use software to start collecting this information in the future. That way, you are prepared for the next holiday season. 

Andersen Windows and Doors uses email marketing; this company encourages small businesses to market in various ways to improve sales.

  3. Use a Chatbox

During the holiday season, a business can get very busy. A chatbox allows potential customers to get answers and solve their problems faster. It saves you time answering questions over the phone. 

Frequently asked questions, product specs, and troubleshooting can be handled within minutes using the chatbox. If someone needs to speak with an agent, they can set up a call within the chatroom. 

Keefe’s uses a chatbox on its homepage. This chatbox pops up within a few seconds of visiting its homepage. It offers the option to chat, call or leave a review. 

Learn how to create a customer service bot.

  4. Offer Promotions and Gifts

Gift-giving during the holiday season is at its peak, so why not get involved? Many businesses offer perks, promotions, sales, or gifts during holidays. What could you give?

These promotions and gifts could include:

● Sales and discounts

● Free upgrades

● Free item

● Coupon for future use

● Voucher for another business

● Holiday season-only deal

● A portion of the sale becomes a charity donation

● Holiday loyalty offers

● End-of-year specials

These promotions and gifts create goodwill and show that your business gives back. Customers respond well to these promotions, especially charitable donations and gifts that help the community. Customers purchase the services or products they need and get the added bonus of being involved in a positive change.

Select Energy, a solar power company, contributes to communities worldwide by donating systems. Customers can get involved by donating when they purchase or by excess energy.

 5. Use Referrals and Partnership Programs

Creating advocates in your area positions your business to attract leads without actively marketing and advertising. Partnerships are offered to local contractors, construction companies, suppliers and repeat customers.

This option will take time to see results, so be prepared to wait it out.

 Express Sewer offers partnerships with contractors and businesses.

Consider partnering with a digital marketing agency like Dream Local Digital to implement the tips faster and more effectively. We provide a team of professionals who can implement multiple lead-generation strategies simultaneously. A blended approach works best to capture as many leads as possible. Schedule your free marketing consultation to see how Dream Local can improve your leads!

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