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How to Create Effective Lead Magnets in the Home Services Industries


A lead magnet is content that compels a website visitor to provide you with contact information. It accomplishes two critical objectives in your business’s marketing strategy.

  1. Generate a lead
    You now know who’s visiting your website. You can learn more about them and nurture that lead into a paying customer in a way you couldn’t if they stayed an anonymous website visitor.

  2. Provide information
    You’re meeting an immediate need and creating an opportunity for them to explore your services more extensively.

If your lead generation strategies don’t currently include lead magnets, we encourage you to take some time to learn more about this powerful marketing tool.

Examples of Home Services Lead Magnets

Lead magnet strategies must have a strong lead magnet. Fortunately, some time-tested home services lead magnet examples exist. A sampling:

  • Expert tips to extend the life of aging A/C unit

  • Practical strategies to save on your heating/cooling bill

  • Color infographic for how to install a dishwasher

  • Quiz to choose the best roofing materials

  • A webinar that goes through the window installation process with Q&A

  • Free estimates (still effective but less scalable and therefore more time-intensive than downloadable lead magnets)

Now, let’s look at a lead magnet in action.

  1. Local florist company Wild Fleurette invites website visitors to take a quiz to learn about their Bouquet Style.

  2. Visitors are prompted for an email to get the results. They’ve already invested time in the quiz, compelling them to provide an email.

  3. Wild Fleurette now has a lead they can nurture into a new floral service appointment.

How to Create an Effective Lead Magnet for Home Services

  • Understand their pain points

    • Learn from existing customers and leads. Survey customers. Read reviews.

    • Research competitor lead magnets.

  • Set out to create value

    • Knowing who your target customer is allows you to focus on helpfulness first. Make your lead magnet high quality because, in the prospect’s mind, it represents the quality of your service.

  • Make a compelling case for downloading the lead magnet

    • Communicate the value of the download.

    • Write a compelling call to action like “Get the Guide Now.”

  • Create a landing page

    • We’re using the term broadly here. This is the page by which they enter your website. This could be a blog post or a more traditional ad landing page.

  • Get them to your website.

    • Expand your reach through social media, ads, influencers, local review sites, etc.

    • Start generating brand awareness and leveraging it to increase traffic.

  • Generate the lead

    • They take the bait.

  • Nurture the lead

    • Send the lead relevant and helpful information through email.

    • Collect data to improve open and click-through rates.

    • Segment your list based on different types of customer groups and automate timing to increase results.

    • Deliver action-triggered emails based on pages they visit on your website.

Funnel strategies like this generate consistent, reliable, high-quality leads for a home services business.

Take the Next Step With Lead Magnet Strategies

We’re experts at creating lead magnets and have extensive experience helping home service businesses generate more and better leads. Let’s take the next step together with a FREE consultation.

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