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Facebook Timelines Drives Engagement

Facebook Timeline Drives Engagement Up

…And Drives Small Business Owners Over The Edge!

The big news of March was all the madness around Timeline and Facebook’s deadline to start using the new format. With small business owners scrambling to get their new designs and strategies in place before the 31st – the numbers are starting to show up on what Facebook’s Timeline means for businesses and brands.

Help for Businesses

If you are looking for info on how to optimize Timeline to get more customers – we can help you. But this post is focused on how Facebook’s own agenda heading into its IPO is driving engagement, dollars, but also driving people crazy. And that’s why it gets a thumbs down vote!

If engagement is up, and businesses are being forced to be more social in a way that produces greater results, why not leave it as a choice for small business owners to make the transition.

But as Facebook takes away (no more default landing pages) they have also given us a great tool in being able to send messages to Pages (used to only be available for profiles).

Key Take-Aways To Think About

  1. Timeline format is here to stay – look at some of the creative designs to see how you can make it work for you
  2. Turn on the message functionality so your customers can reach out to you with questions
  3. Learn how to pin and highlight posts (now more important than custom pages)

If you would like more information about how to amp up your Timeline or social media, contact Dream Local today.

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