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New News for Video Sharing Use in Google+

Google+ just added a new video share feature!

Google will add a button allowing YouTube users to share videos they upload on Google+ from the upload interface and will automatically display all public YouTube videos a user has uploaded in the “videos” tab of his or her Google+ profile. Having a Youtube Channel and sharing those videos on your Google+ account can now easily be done in Google+.

Why I this important? Google+ constructed their SEO juggernaut to dominate search results over all other social platforms. Creating and using a Google+ account for your business is by far one of the most valuable things you can do to optimize your SEO Google searches. Adding in video links via Youtube, which is owned by Google, only enhances your SEO ratings.


It’s time to start playing with your Youtube Videos to help enhance your Google search SEO ratings!

This article was written by Rebecca Chambers – Chief Storyteller at Dream Local Digital. Rebecca moved to Maine from Los Angeles in 2010 after marrying her husband, Christian. Rebecca’s education and background is in documentary film and new media. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Film from UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and her Masters in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement in New York. Prior to moving to Maine, Rebecca worked on multiple documentary projects including Ken Burn’s National Parks: America’s Best Idea, Al Gore’s online campaign Repower America and Tony and Ridley Scott’s exploration of Air Force pilots Top Guns. Rebecca is excited to be working for Dream Local, putting her storytelling and new media skills to use for their clients.

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