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7 Reasons To Be the Indiana Jones of Social Media


Indiana Jones is close to universally likeable. He’s got an aura of adventure and a great story. You could say he’s engaging. With some online work that’s nowhere near as hard as archaeology, you can be as influential, likeable, and daring as Indy. Read these reasons to be an Indiana Jones online and grow your business. Afterward, share your own ideas in the comments.

1. He knows his stuff

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Dr. Jones is a professor when he’s not being chased by bad guys and fending off snakes. His knowledge (and yours) is power. Your content must be based on your own solid expertise or trustworthy experts. Trends and websites you use every day shift and change on a regular basis, so stay up to date and make sure when you post, you know what you’re talking about. Your customer needs to know you are the expert in your industry niche, so they seek you out for conversation.

2. He’s not afraid to hunt

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It doesn’t matter what he’s looking for, Indiana Jones will put in the time and work. Roughing it while looking for content online doesn’t seem so bad, right? A long search for the best post or most informative link doesn’t have to be tedious. Sometimes it takes a determined hunt to compose your perfect post. Don’t be intimidated by the digital hunt for great content; persevere until you find what fits your audience the best. It will be worth it. Quality is king, and it will attract new customers.

3. He’s aware of but unconcerned by his competitors

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Yes, he’s in a lot of scrapes. Someone’s always trying to kill him. But he always manages to get out of it, because he’s smarter than his colleagues and competitors. He spends time with his enemies and takes the time to figure them out when he can. That’s why he always ends up alive in the end. Although social media marketing isn’t as brutal, it’s still a tough market with thousands of businesses online. You can compete, by being aware of but not focused on your competition. Don’t fret over what they’re doing. Focus on your work and move forward to engage your own customers and gain brand loyalty.

4. He’s always got style

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Even in the midst of crazy adventures, sweaty fights, kidnappings, and (ew) snakes, Indiana Jones still manages to keep his style suave. Hopefully you won’t find yourself in his circumstances while you’re braving the adventures of social media, but to have your style at hand is a wise idea. You need to represent your brand in a unique way, so find out what your company’s voice is and distinguish yourself.

5. He’s focused on his goals

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For years, Indy chased down the cross of Cortez because he knew it belonged in a museum. He was so determined to make sure the artifact was in the museum, that he endured all manner of fights, cruelties, rain, and icy ocean water in order to do what was necessary. You should be the same on your channels and in your brand representation online. Focus on your goals and do what it takes to reach them, even if it means you check your profiles every day. Diligence is key in social media.

6. He analyzes in the moment to find a solution

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Indy’s version of archaeology requires a great deal of quick thinking. Social media is the same way; it grows and evolves every day. You might wake up to discover that a social media channel has completely changed its design. Perhaps you’re surfing the web one afternoon, only to read that Spotify has become social. You, too, need to be able to make a good decision in the moment and engage customers on social media with skill.

7. He does his own thing

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You have to admit, Indy’s methods are unusual. Real archaeology is nothing like what Indy does. He has his own patterns, crazy ideas, and determined goals. He goes for it, no matter what others think, and it works. The artifact is always safe in the end; he reaches his goal. You can do the same by thinking differently than others and breaking new ground. If you have an idea you think might work, test it out. Perhaps share one post based on it, and gauge results. Online marketing is still a sandbox, so give it a go and build your expertise.

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