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HootSuite Allows Users To Schedule Company Updates on LinkedIn

Now It’s even Easier to Update Your Company LinkedIn

by Alyssa McCluskey

Big news in the social media world!  HootSuite recently announced that they now allow companies who schedule content on HootSuite to schedule Company Updates.

Okay, let’s back up…
HootSuite is a tool that many people and businesses use to schedule content on social media channels.  With this tool, users may decide what date and time their posts appear on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  However, until recently posts on HootSuite could only be scheduled for personal LinkedIn profiles, not Company profiles.  Rather than scheduling out content for their Company profiles, businesses on LinkedIn have manually updated statuses on LinkedIn to keep their content fresh.

Why Does This Matter?

This may not seem like a big problem to some people; to be perfectly honest, it’s not.  However, when it comes to running a business and updating LinkedIn statuses, which one usually gets put on the backburner?  Now businesses have one fewer online marketing concern on their minds.

Another great thing about HootSuite is that the service is free if the business uses up to 5 social media channels.  The average company has nothing to lose by opening a HootSuite account to assist with their social media marketing strategies.

For more information, training, or to help your company put a strategy behind LinkedIn and other social media channels, or your overall online marketing, contact Dream Local Digital today and we can discuss the goals your company wants to achieve, and how we can help.

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