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An Evolution of Social Media


In a recent Forbes article, Mark Zuckerberg explained how although teenagers claim to be “so over Facebook- that they can’t handle the drama anymore, that they don’t want to use the same social network as their parents, that they’re worried about their privacy,” they aren’t actually using it any less.


A fear that youth won’t be using Facebook anymore is not something Facebook leaders are losing sleep over. What has now become the priority is ad quality- and the same worry falls under the list of local businesses and how they market online.

It’s interesting to analyze just how much social media has evolved from a form of social communication to a tool for marketing. If you have used Facebook since its beginning in 2004, you may recall just how much Facebook has truly changed. You can recall the moments when you logged-in and rolled your eyes, saying, “Facebook’s changed again,” and had to adapt to the new features.

Why is this significant? Facebook’s evolution is similar to every other industrial revolution that has taken place; from pay phones to cellular phones to smartphones, from traveling with a paper map to following a GPS, everything is continuously changing and being used in more ways than what it was originally developed to do.

Do you remember what Facebook used to look like? Check out just how much Facebook has evolved here:

Facebook may have originated as a way to connect and communicate with peers, but it is now more than that. It is essential for businesses and their workers to know how to use Facebook; it allows businesses to reach out to their audience and connect with this audience in the one place that they are all going: Facebook.

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