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How NOT To Do Social Media

Are You Making This Mistake (so, so, social media in 2010)?

by Tobin Slaven


We Vote Thumbs DownSocial media plus mobile plus local search is hot right now. But this post is about what is not so hot!

This is a pet peeve of mine and I see this mistake being played out time and time again in marketing campaigns. It will be your first clue as to whether they (the companies, products, or services) are real users of social media, or if they are just getting their feet wet. Don’t make this overly common mistake – in fact make yourself REMARKABLE by not making this mistake.

So what is this oh so common mistake that is making marketers look like they are social media dinosaurs?

Think about it this way. Why do you use social media (Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite channel)?

And what would make you click on a link going to a social media account?

Exactly. No one (well maybe our mothers and those friends who want to be good supporters) follow the directions “Find me on Facebook” unless you give them a very good reason. A damn good reason. There I said it. But its the truth!

Offer me something. Promise me something entertaining. You know I can’t get enough of cute animal videos (not really) and I can never save enough on my next trip to the shopping register.

What do you have that you can offer that the people you want to connect to want? Can’t think of anything?

Either you’re being lazy (I am assuming that you product or service really does help people or fill a need in some way) OR, maybe you shouldn’t be in business. If you are no different than the competition, and you have nothing of value to offer – get out! Save yourself the time and hassles.

But I am assuming you do. So think about what you can offer – anything you can offer that would pique your interest.
And there you have it! If you would click on it, pretty good chances someone else would too.

And that is how you get people to check out, Like, Follow, or otherwise give you a thumbs up on your social media channels.


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