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Investors – Opportunity Summary

Company Summary

We are a Maine-based highly scalable digital marketing company serving small & medium sized businesses nationwide. We are a cash-flow driven break-even company with an experienced team and validated model that is seeking funding to accelerate growth. Founder Shannon Kinney has already successfully launched 2 other nationwide online marketing companies. We offer differentiated service in a highly emerging market and have created 28 jobs.

Founder & Client Success Officer, Shannon Kinney

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Dream Local Digital

“Highly Scalable Online, Search & Social Media Marketing for Small & Medium Size Businesses (SMBs)”

Stage: $3M in TTM Revenue
Industry: Marketing / Advertising
Location: Rockland, ME, USA
Currency: USD
Founded: January 2009
Employees: 39
Incorporation: LLC

This presentation highlights:

  • Consumer trends and what SMBs are doing to address it
  • Disruption and the Problem We Solve
  • Size of the market and opportunity
  • What Dream Local Digital does for its customers
  • Dream Local Digital Advantages
  • Why it is an Opportune time to Invest
  • Use of Funds and Exit

Additional information about the company:

Competitive Advantage

Our true competitive advantage lies in our ability to effectively and profitably serve SMBs with social media and other digital marketing solutions that bring results and result in long-term relationships and recurring revenue. We leverage our own ResultsBuilder™ Platform to offer high client ROI and efficiencies of scale in our services and link to the page. For more information visit Why Dream Local.


There are several businesses that offer some of our solutions, and a few that offer nearly the same suite. All lack the scalable, proven model that we have in social media and a comparison to the ResultsBuilder™ platform. Our true competitive advantage lies in our ability to effectively and profitably serve SMBs with digital marketing solutions that bring results and result in long-term relationships and recurring revenue. And, none of our competitors have the ability to profitably serve customers on social, largely because of the IP we have in our ResultsBuilder™ Platform we are.

  • ThriveHive: (owned by media company Gatehouse) They’re a past client of ours, have previously looked at acquiring us. They’re producing high churn in social
  • Reach Local: (recently acquired at a high premium by media company Gannett) They’ve produced high churn and can’t tackle social like us. Are exploring opportunities to work with Dream Local Digital
  • Local Edge: (owned by media company Hearst) They’re looking at partnering with us
  • Guarantee Digital:
  • Vendasta: Much more of a platform play than a services play but they are investing heavily to get into the services space and have met with us to learn more about how to effectively do it
  • Excelerate Digital: Owned by McClatchy, not a competitor technically in that we are the white labeled solution behind fulfillment fueling their growth. We also do their site and all of their marketing for themselves.

Do you have any IP and/or what is the ResultsBuilder™ platform?

The ResultsBuilder™ platform is the combination of the trained people, process and technology, and is where the scalability as well as IP lies in Dream Local Digital. The process portion of the platform is where a considerable amount of the IP is – we know down to the minute what tasks, steps, workflow and process should be performed to profitably serve an SMB with a service in order for them to get ROI (and not churn) for EVERYTHING we do. This is unmatched in the Agency business, and the system is built for scale. Our competitors and peers have been trying for years to figure this out and have been unable, and we are continually sought out for it. The technology portion is particularly innovative because we’ve been able to leverage tech to enforce our process, guide our people and assist them in becoming increasingly efficient. This is where our future profits lie, as we hit higher scale, our efficiencies increase the more times we have worked in the same industry or solved the same customer problem, the entire network benefits. For more information on the platform and a short demo, visit here.

This space looks very crowded to an outsider. How is Dream Local Digital different?

Many businesses have solutions that help businesses market themselves, however they tend to range from very low end, generic experiences that are largely automated to high touch agency experiences that are not affordable to most SMBs. We offer efficiency and scale that other agencies lack, and higher service than a SAAS product. The key ingredient is to understand that this isn’t software only, it’s the entire ResultsBuilder™ platform – people + strong process (and knowledge of how to make this work) + technology and data. Our deep experience in the space, knowledge of the customer needs, thought leadership and relationships directly with key players like Facebook, Google, etc, are what makes us unique.

Size of round, valuation, financials

The round is currently open and comes with full documentation and documented due diligence. The security type is Preferred Equity. If you’re interested in seeing valuation, size of the round, or company financials, have questions, are interested in due diligence materials, and more, let us know.

Interested in more information or scheduling a call?

Contact Shannon Kinney, Founder & Client Success Officer: [email protected] or (207) 593-7665
Contact Rob Kelley, Lead Investor & Board Chair: [email protected]

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