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Investors – Why Us?

For Investors

Dream Local Digital combines a validated scalable solution and experienced team with a rapidly growing sector.

Our advantages:

  • Lower cost of Customer Acquisition combined with High Retention Via our reseller network, we have a lower cost of marketing, sales, and overall customer acquisition. Our high quality and authentic work produces the Industry’s highest retention rates, allowing us to build recurring revenue
  • Leveraged Vertical Efficiency fueled by Scale In the ResultsBuilder™ platform, instrumented processes drive the reuse of vertical knowledge, best practices, industry knowledge and experience or common marketing goals that accelerates with scale
  • Lower Costs than Agencies, Higher Service than SAAS Due to the volume of best practices, campaigns, content and client work, we can operate exponentially higher in efficiency and scale. This allows us to develop custom strategic planning at low costs which is affordable for SMBs, and offers “do it for me” options not available with self-serve platforms
  • High Touch Customer Experience Our service stresses authentic client voice and proven tactics to drive ROI – no more “spray and pray” experienced with self serve. Our ResultsBuilder™ platform allows for higher touch customer experience

Unlike other similar firms, Dream Local stands above the rest by offering scalable yet high touch social media fulfillment. Our expertise includes more than 32 years in media, 23 years in Internet product development and marketing, small business ownership, newspaper publishing, and more than 15 years of consulting experience for companies large and small all over the world.

We devote ourselves to the success of our clients, and we constantly stay on top of new trends to make sure we are providing the best and most up-to-date solutions. We’re creative, curious, detail-oriented, hardworking, and we get stuff done by pushing the envelope, trying new things, and influencing trends. You won’t find another digital agency that devotes so much time and strategic thinking to writing a single Facebook post. We take this seriously, but we also have fun doing it.

The ResultsBuilder™ Platform: How we scale

Unique to Dream Local Digital, our ResultsBuilder™ platform combines efficiencies of a SAAS platform with knowledge and expertise of an Ad Agency to fuel a strong customer experience and gets better with scale. It allows us to offer a consistent customer experience and ensures client profitability. This makes us truly unique when compared to any competitor and is our strongest differentiator.

The ResultsBuilder™ platform combines trained people, highly tested and validated process to effectively serve campaigns that drives ROI for clients, and technology to manage the tasks, time budgets, and execute our work. It’s this secret sauce that allows us to offer high touch client services AND scale, and has kept our client retention rates so high. Other firms offer generic solutions that are not authentic to the client or region, we deliver the opposite, scalably and reliably, and have been doing so since 2009. Now it’s time to accelerate our growth!

Value Proposition

Businesses: We manage your social media so you can manage your business.

Owners and managers of hundreds of small businesses – from restaurateurs to tow-truck operators – tell us the same thing: “I know I should be using social media and online marketing, but I don’t know how and I don’t have time to learn.” Dream Local can help establish and build their brands online, connect with their communities on social media, and develop campaigns that resonate with an online audience. We offer services that save businesses time while creating a social media “voice” unique to you. We help you set marketing goals, show you the results and explain the numbers. We’re eager and ready to engage and build a connection with your target audience by sharing your unique story with them. Let us do what we do best, so you have time to do what you do best–run your business.

Partners: We fuel your digital revenue growth and delight your customers

We are a digital team serving publishers, media companies, and ad agencies through reseller partnerships and white-label programs to fulfill digital services for your clients’ advertising. You expand advertising capabilities and increase recurring digital revenue, we’ll provide you with complete white label digital marketing services to place you ahead of your competitors and keep you there. To get your advertisers on board with online marketing, you need to be able to show them a digital marketing strategy, and your sales team needs expert support. Dream Local Digital provides an array of digital services to small and medium businesses, publishers, media companies, and ad agencies, including full setup, support, and fulfillment, tailored to every customer’s needs.

Sample presentation to SMBs from the Agents of Change conference, September 2016

This is an example of a workshop provided to SMB owners on behalf of a reseller partner, BDN Maine filmed in September 2016. We have reached more than 41,000 SMBs through workshops directly through Dream Local Digital and also reseller partners nationwide.

Interested in more information or scheduling a call?

Contact Shannon Kinney, Founder & Client Success Officer: [email protected] or (207) 593-7665
Contact Rob Kelley, Lead Investor & Board Chair: [email protected]

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