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Dream Local Delivers the Next Generation of SMB Marketing offering social media marketing strategy and execution at scale

Dream Local Digital works with small and medium sized businesses nationwide to assist them in understanding, leveraging, and maximize online marketing. The company was founded in 2009 to make scalable social media marketing a reality and accessible to SMBs, while also assisting media companies in the midst of disruption by offering white label reseller solutions.

The company was founded by Shannon Kinney, and Dream Local Digital is her third successful national startup focusing on scalable digital marketing solutions for SMBs. Previous projects include being on the founding team that developed and the Knight Ridder Real Cities network. She also has consulted with, Google, eBay, LinkedIn, and many others. Dream Local Digital allowed her to bring her experience to small businesses in local markets.

Dream Local Digital at a glance (as of June 2017):


Since 2009, we have grown into a diverse team that thrives on a passion for marketing and leveraging digital solutions for businesses. We work directly with small to medium-sized businesses throughout the United States and Canada on all aspects of their online marketing plans, from social media, content strategy and website development to search engine optimization, reputation management and e-mail marketing. Dream Local also works in partnerships with newspaper, radio, directory, and other media companies, agencies and web firms to provide online marketing solutions for their clients.

Dream Local Digital is the Agency of Record for SMBs offering scalable digital marketing services, strategy and execution. Our focus is social media marketing, which is the fastest growing segment of digital services, projected to grow 247% between 2016-2020*, and our growth has mirrored the market. We stayed small in the early years prior to large-scale adoption perfecting our model, our services, building our ResultsBuilder platform, and with extensive customer validation. In 2016, SMBs spent $2.3 billion* in this rapidly growing category, and Dream Local Digital is well positioned to capture this opportunity.

What Problem We Solve

Small to Medium sized businesses (SMBs) need to excel at online marketing, particularly social and content marketing, to grow their businesses and serve customers in today’s marketplace. Marketing is considerably more complex, and it’s difficult for business owners to know where and how to spend their money to gain return, much less how to do it effectively. Dream Local Digital starts with strategic planning to help each SMB find what’s right for them, and we then manage all of the campaigns with “do it for me” and “do it with me” options that work for the client goals and budget.

Media companies face significant disruption from online marketing, and Advertising Agencies struggle to find efficient and scalable solutions for social media marketing. Through our white-label reseller program, both can offer our services under their brands to their customers. They focus on customer acquisition, Dream Local Digital focuses on fulfillment and customer service. We offer tools, training, and coaching to assist reseller partners in capturing this new opportunity.

#HoneyBadger Culture: We get sh*t done!

Like the honey badger, Dream Local Digital employees are tenacious, tough, and smart. The honey badger’s story is now the soul of Dream Local Digital, a part of the lore. We put these characteristics to work for our partners and clients, ensuring that every client gets full-on #HoneyBadger treatment.

We set goals and we don’t quit until we reach them. We take our work seriously, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get things done. Every #HoneyBadger takes ownership of his or her work and makes sure our clients get the best we have to give. We know how important your business is to you. We take pride in what we do and work until you’re satisfied. Learn more about our company culture here!

This presentation highlights:

  • Consumer trends and what SMBs are doing to address it
  • Disruption and the Problem We Solve
  • Size of the market and opportunity
  • What Dream Local Digital does for its customers
  • Dream Local Digital Advantages
  • Why it is an Opportune time to Invest
  • Use of Funds and Exit

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