The ResultsBuilder™ Platform: How we scale

Unique to Dream Local Digital, our ResultsBuilder™ platform combines efficiencies of a SAAS platform with knowledge and expertise of an Ad Agency to fuel a strong customer experience and gets better with scale. It allows us to offer a consistent customer experience and ensures client profitability. This makes us truly unique when compared to any competitor and is our strongest differentiator.

The ResultsBuilder™ platform combines trained people, highly tested and validated process to effectively serve campaigns that drives ROI for clients, and technology to manage the tasks, time budgets, and execute our work. It’s this secret sauce that allows us to offer high touch client services AND scale, and has kept our client retention rates so high. Other firms offer generic solutions that are not authentic to the client or region, we deliver the opposite, scalably and reliably, and have been doing so since 2009. Now it’s time to accelerate our growth!

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