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Facebook: A Merger Opportunity You May Want To Consider…


Reclaim Your First Facebook Page From Obsoletion

by Alyssa McCluskey

Sometimes Picture of a pieyour first attempt at something can be a complete mess.  I remember trying to bake a pie in my high school cooking class, only to fail miserably.  My cooking partner and I struggled every step of the way, only to have the crust completely fall apart as the pie was going into the oven.  Luckily, my teacher was kind enough to let us make a second attempt during the next class.  The second time around, with the right kind of crust, the proper measurements, and much less stress, we baked a delicious pie!  It just goes to show that the first try doesn’t always work out the way you expect.

The same could be said about creating a Facebook page for the first time.  On your first attempt, perhaps you didn’t know anything about the site, how it functions, and what you should use it for.  A few years later, you decide to create a brand-new Facebook Business Page with custom tabs, beautiful photos… the works!  However, that first page is still out there in the world of Facebook, and you have some fans that “like” your initial page.  Instead of trying to drive these fans to your beautiful new Facebook page, wouldn’t it be nice to make the two pages into one?

Now you can!  Facebook recently updated its Help Center, giving users the opportunity to merge Business Pages.  By merging Pages, you can combine all of your “likes” and check-ins onto one page.

  • You may merge up to 6 Facebook Pages
  • Between the Pages that you want to merge, go to the Admin Panel of the Page with the most “likes”
  • Edit Page > Update Info
  • Click “Resources”
  • Click “Request to merge duplicate Pages”

After this has been done…

  • Select the Page that has the most “likes” as the Destination Page
  • You may select up to 5 Pages to merge into the Destination Page

Please note: There are some stipulations to Page merging.

  • The Pages you want to merge must represent the same thing
  • You can only merge Pages with fewer “likes” into the one with more “likes”
  • If you merge Pages with a location, both Pages must have the same address information
  • All content from the Pages with fewer “likes,” such as wall posts, photos, and usernames, will be deleted permanently
  • Content on the Page with the most “likes” will remain mostly unchanged.  There will be additional “likes” and check-ins added to the Page from the Page or Pages that were merged
  • Once you merge, you cannot unmerge.  Think carefully about this decision.

A ruined pie can easily be thrown out… On Facebook, fixing a Business Page mistake is much more complicated.  Still itching to get rid of your rough draft Page?  Take the necessary steps to cleaning up your Business Pages with this merging opportunity.


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