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Today — The Academy Awards leaves Twitter a flurry and appears to have taken over Geekbook for the day. With a variety of dynamics that emerged from social media last night, I’ve shared a few of the stories captured. In other news, The New York Times will rename The Herald Tribune, Warren Buffett buys another newspaper, and a look at the first 25 people on Facebook and what they’re up to now. Enjoy!

  • Real-Time Marketing The Oscars: After Oreo’s big success at real-time marketing during this year’s Super Bowl, brands tested the waters at last night’s Oscars. Kevin Allen looks at some winners and losers. — PR Daily
  • Herald Tribune to be Renamed The International New York Times: Continuing the focus on building its core, The New York Times announced today that it would rename the 125-year-old newspaper in the fall. — New York Times
  • Oscar Night’s Highs and Lows on Twitter: Twitter really shows its strengths during cultural events, though among the positives, there is a lot of snark and negativity to navigate around. Heather Kelly captured some of the evening’s examples here. — CNN
  • Warren Buffett buys Tulsa World: Warren Buffett’s newspaper group has purchased its 28th daily, purchasing The World, first published in 1905 and Tulsa’s only daily since 1992  —
  • Oscars’ Best Dressed (on Twitter): Viewers following the Oscars on Twitter were able to submit their vote for best dressed using the hashtag #BestDressed. See who dominated the win at 47% of the votes! — Mashable

  • The First 25 People on Facebook: This is a story from earlier in the month but I wanted to make sure to share it, not just because it is interesting to see where they are now, but also because it transported my mind back to that time, and made me realize how young many of them were and how cool it must have been to be a part of Facebook’s first days. — BuzzFeed

“It is wonderful how much news there is when people write every other day; if they wait for a month, there is nothing that seems worth telling.” –Anna Masterton Buchan, Scottish writer

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