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How To Get EVERYONE To Come To Your Party

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Promote Your Next Business Event Online

When you put hours of time and effort into planning a party or event for your company, it’s a major bummer when few people show up.  It’s a given that spreading the word about the event is important, but what is the best way to do that in the social media era?  Here are the seven tips we suggest you do to promote your business’ event:

1. Start a Facebook Event.

This may be a given, but many Facebook users underestimate the power that creating and promoting Facebook Events has on attendance.  In the same area that you would write a Status Update, select “Offer, Events” and select the “Event” option.

In the box that appears, fill out as much information and details about the event as you can.  Your guests need to know the essential details about the event, but adding more details about why your company is holding their event gives them a better reason to attend.  If your business is using it to support a charity, say so.

2. Make the Events page look awesome!

Just like any Facebook page, it’s important to have an appropriate cover photo and include all of the necessary information for the event: Location, Date, Start and End Times, Host, and a short explanation of the event.


3. Invite your Facebook friends. 

Invite your personal Facebook connections that are likely to attend the event, such as other local business owners, customers, and community members.  This helps you get a start on your number of potentials guests, and quite frankly, sending invitations is good etiquette.  Your business’ followers want to know that you’re thinking of them.


4. Link to the Facebook event in posts so users can RSVP. 

Every 20 minutes, a Facebook user shares a link with their Facebook friends.  Anytime you post about your event, make sure you include a link on your various social media sites so that invitees can easily find the Events page.  This will make it that much easier for Facebook users to RSVP for your event.


5. Use fun and engaging photos to help you promote the event.

Guests want assurance that they’re going to have a good time at your event.  So show them how awesome the party will be!

6. Use Facebook Promoted Posts.

Spending a little money using Facebook’s paid ad campaigns has major benefits.  These campaigns allow you to target specific audiences based on location, gender, age, and interests, allowing you to reach the specific people you would like to see at the event.  These promoted posts will also reach people who don’t already “like” your Facebook page.  It allows you to cast your net wider, reaching a larger number of people.  As a result, this will generate more page “likes” for your business.

7. Talk about it.  A lot.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or in person… Talk up your event, what people can expect by attending, and how they can find out more about the event.  Direct them to the Facebook page.  Also ask your employees and coworkers to share the link to the Event page on their own Facebook pages.

Looking for help promoting your next event online? Contact us today and see how we can help!

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