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New Facebook Page Insights Offer Better Analytics


Businesses using Facebook in their marketing strategies will love the new Page Insights that Facebook rolled out yesterday!  Similar to Google Analytics, Page Insights now show Facebook page administrators an incredible amount of information about the people who visit their pages, how many people see posts, the most successful posts, and they will even tell you when your fans are logged into Facebook.

I have to be honest. I was slightly overwhelmed by Facebook’s new Page Insights.  The statistics have gone from a one page link off the Business Page to nearly a different website completely.  Suddenly, there’s so much information that it’s hard to find a place to start explaining the new capabilities.  So I think I’ll stick to some of the biggest changes that will make business owners and social media marketing strategists weep with happiness:

Find out when your fans are online:

Before these Insights rolled out, business owners relied on general trends promoted by social media bloggers and experts.  Facebook’s new Page Insights now offers exact numbers and statistics about when your fans are logged into Facebook and therefore able to see posts.

Learn which Facebook posts are the most popular:

Possibly just as exciting, Facebook also shows business owners “Best Post Types.”  For every photo, link, and video a business posts to their wall, Page Insights can now gauge the most popular types of posts with the business’ audience.

Learn which demographics are actually engaged:

You may already know your Facebook demographic, but which of your fans are actually interacting with your posts?  Page Insights allow you to compare the demographics of people who engaged with your posts alongside the demographics of your fans, opening up an opportunity for your business to generate more followers.

Find out who visits your Business page:

Well, you can’t find out exactly who visits your page, but Page Insights now tell you the number of times each of your Page’s tabs were viewed by a fan or potential fan.  Business owners may also gauge their performances by the number of mentions, posts by other people, check-ins, and offers purchased as well.  One of the most important aspects of this particular area of Page Insights is the External Referrers area.  Here, business owners can learn the number of times people visit their Business page from a website off of Facebook.  Google Analytics has a similar function, which many small businesses and large businesses alike have benefited from tremendously.


Businesses on Facebook will soon find that they can learn a number of things about their Facebook audiences through these new Page Insights.  If you don’t have the Page Insights yet, don’t worry… They’re on their way and you won’t want to miss this!



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